Add Dimension With Folded Circle Flowers

This card is wonderful! I love how Fun Scrap Moms have given such great details on how to create it! Looks like a great card to scraplift for my next card making party…… with of course changes to maybe…… Mother’s Day Card? My mind is working overtime!

Fun Scrap Moms

Hello everyone! here are some instructions of making some easy circle flowers that can really add a lot to a card or other project. With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought it might be fun to make one of these flowers with the Cheerful Valentine’s Day Addition and add it to a cute V-Day card.

To start making the flowers you will need your Circle Maker (or you could use your Custom Cutting System) to make two circles.

Take each circle and fold it into eights.

Cut inward on each of the fold lines towards, but not quite all the way, to the center.

Take each petal and fold it downwards in half.

Using a Foam Square layer the flowers so the the colors of the petals alternate.

Punch a scalloped circle with the Scalloped Circle Maker and cut inward almost to the center of each scallop to make…

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