The Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog award is given to bring newer blogs into the light. 
Thanks so much, Ms.Mara for thinking of me! It’s a great way to share blogs that might not otherwise have been noticed and should be! As recipient you must share the love and pass it along to others, as well as these four things:

1. You must post on your blog and tell a little about the award and
announce your 3-5 picks.
2. Let those know you have chosen them.
3. Copy and post the award on your blog for all to see.
4. Have fun and continue to inspire

The 3 recipients I have chosen for this award are, in no particular order…
1) Natalee at Nat Bug Crafts
2) Debbie at Buggin at the Seams
3) Brenda at Random  Thoughts of a Scrapbooker
4)Lisa at Mini Book Cookbook
5) Boomerknows at Not Housework

So girls, collect your award and spread the love around!


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