I finally got time to take pictures of all I have been doing lately.  First are the cards I mentioned last time where I got away from the sketch idea.  They still turned out ok I think.

                                                                 Birthday Card

                                                                 Thank you card

Next I worked on some vinyl wall art for my soon to be born granddaughter. I had forgotten how much fun it is to use this stuff.The cuts are all from Stork’s Delivery.  I cut them as large as I could without making them look too big next to each other.  You know, a giraffe is larger than the turtle and taller than the lion.  My daughter got into the act and actually applied about half of these on the walls.  I think she was pleased with the outcome. 

                                These are over the window and much smaller than the rest.

                                            Right wall as you come in.

                                            Close up of lion.  

                                          Ok!  a little off angle!  I need lessons!

                                           I actually love this giraffe!

 There is also a pink monkey I did but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to be on my camera anymore.  It was one of my favorites!  I really need to get a new camera and maybe even take some picture taking lessons too!  Sorry the pictures aren’t the best!  They do look a lot brighter and better in person.  lol.  oh well.  Leave me a comment! Thanks for looking! Should have more to post next week.  Back to work this week, spring break is over. 😦



13 comments on “Finally!

  1. Hi Cheryl, just found my way here from the Cricut Circle…love your cards and your grand daughters room looks great! I also love that sweet little giraffe…very cute!

  2. Adorable projects .. I too love that giraffe .. how cute. Thanks for coming by my blog today. I buy my Diamond Dust at Michaels. I think it is kind of in the same area as the Modge Podge, Tacky Glue and stuff like that .. used my coupon of course!

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