Sympathy Card

I think one of the hardest things to make is a Sympathy Card. I went online and found ideas. Everything I used to make the card was cut out with my Cricut. It took quite a bit of scrap paper to get the words to be placed exactly where I wanted them. I got the idea of using the velum from a blog I visited. I can’t remember which one, I visited so many to find just the right one. After finding this idea, the rest just came together. I embossed a cuttlebug flower in the corner of the envelope as well as the inside of the card then used a little smooch to shine it up,  and make it stand out even more and finished with a few jewels with my irock I am quite happy with the result and have saved the file on my Gypsy. If you are interested in the file, let me know, and I’ll give better directions as well as the cartridges used.  Hope you like it. Leave a comment! Thanks

                                                                 Outside of card

                                                                      Inside of card



More Nursery Rhymes

Well I finally finished Jack and Jill as well as humpty dumpty. I wasn’t that happy with my dish and the spoon so redid them. I am much happier with them now.

Tomorrow I will laminate and they go up in the classroom. Here are the pictures. Hope you like them. Let me know, leave a comment!

A New Look!

Thanks to some great advice I have revamped my blog. I think it is less cluttered and actually I like it better. The funny thing is that the background I have now is the one that I had originally started with. Funny how you can get carried away with changing things until you don’t know where you started. lol Anyway let me know if I should change anything else to make it more readable. I’ll be back to add more pictures hopefully this week of the other Nursery Rhymes I’m working on.

A Busy Month

Wow! What a busy month this has been! At school we have a Nursery Rhyme theme and of course that means using my Cricut to make classroom decorations and visuals for our little ones. Here are a few of my new works of art thanks to Cricut!

I cut each item out the number of times to match the number of colors needed as this cartridge doesn’t have the layers that I wanted. I cut each figure to a height of twelve inches. I made a gypsy cut file if anyone is interested in having it, leave a comment with your email and I will send it to you.
Next to come is Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill. Hope to get these done and posted early this week.

Large space problems

Tonight I finally figured out how to remove this huge empty space between my Blog description and the posts. Now all I have to figure out is how to change the color of that one patch of font that isn’t the same color of the rest! Hope it doesn’t take as long as I have other things to do such as finishing the rest of my Valentine’s Day cards which are now cut and just need to be assembled. The one thing I did tonight also was visit an awesome website, Cricut Your Classroom. Lots of fabulous ideas for classroom as well as some awesome cards. Check it out!